The #1 addon for making gold playing the auction house
in World of Warcraft Classic.

The Richest Player on your Server Plays the Auction House Using Trove

Playing the Auction House is a very fun and lucrative way to make a lot of gold in WoW... not much compares to finding an item underpriced by thousands of gold and making yourself quite a bit richer with just a few clicks of a button... but none of it's possible without the help of a good addon.

Trove is the first to implement the "Ideal Position Algorithm", making it the most accurate gold addon ever made.

This algorithm uses stricter criteria for what it considers profitable. In fact, it does it's best to make an item unprofitable so that it can provide you with only the most reliable list of profitable items to make gold from.

It's so easy and reliable that casuals can begin making gold playing the AH without any real knowledge. If you understand the concept of "Buy something cheap and sell it for more" then you can use Trove to make gold!

The best part is that you don't need to think about anything. Let Trove handle all the calculations for you and present you with a convenient list of thousands of profitable items to make gold from. All that's left for you to do is make a decision on what item you want to invest in!

Scan the Auction House

Find underpriced items

Resell for more. Easy!

Dynasty's History of Innovation

When Vanilla was first released Dynasty was actually known as Team iDemise, the #1 Counter-Strike team in the world at the time. As we transitioned to WoW we decided to make a leveling guide and that developed into the first ever step-by-step ingame leveling guide that you see today. Fast forward a few more years and we invented Tycoon, the first ever Gold addon.

We have a history of innovation and being #1. That will never change.

The Power is in the Algorithm

You know the saying, "Buy low, sell high?" Well, that doesn't work in WoW because you lose the deposit fee when an auction fails to sell, taking large chunks out of your profit. The "Ideal Position Algorithm" takes resell positions into account and it typically plays it safe by thinking you can only resell the item at a very cheap price. It's very pessimistic you could say.. but that's also why the results are the safest you're ever going to find!

Trove believes in, "Buy extremely low, sell kinda low." Trove sets it's expectations regarding how much you can resell the item for very low and if it finds an item lower priced than it's already low expectations then it considers that item a very safe choice for making gold!

Worried Trove's pickiness means you'll hardly find any profitable items to choose from? Nope, a scan at any moment will still reveal thousands of profitable items to play with, guaranteed!

The Smartest Gold Addon Ever Made

Advisor Messages

Trove analyzes the item you would like to sell and presents you with an advisor notice anytime there's something important you should know so that you never make a mistake, or so you get the most out of the item. Trove tries to make it as hard as possible to make mistakes.

Automatic Price Setting

Selling the item used to be tricky. You had to remember how much you purchased it for, how much you need to increase the price to account for the 5% auction house fee, and so on. Trove eliminates the difficulty of selling the item by automatically setting the price for you! You could actually just select the item and hit Post! It's that easy!

Market Strength Indicator

Making profit from Playing the Auction House often comes down to waiting for the moment when the market is just right. This used to be difficult in the past and required all kinds of manual data checking. The Market Strength indicator eliminates all that hassle by checking the market for you and revealing if the market is 'GOOD' for selling or 'BAD'. It's really as simple as... If it says GOOD then click Post. If it says BAD then wait for a better time!

Upgraded Engine

If anyone is familiar with Tycoon you might know that gold addons require a tremendous amount of processing and memory. This can make them feel "heavy" and clunky. Trove has a completely re-engineered engine to make it feel light and quick!

Filtered Results

You can filter results to show you exactly what you're interested in. Not interested in low level gear? Only looking for items with an estimated profit of higher than 100g? Prefer to make reliable investments in Trade Goods? A little short on gold and only looking for items that cost less than 10g? No matter your preference you can setup Trove to show you exactly what you're looking for.

Buy Details

As you're browsing the list of profitable items in the Buy Module you can get a detailed overview containing everything you need to know to make your investment decision. The clean minimilistic design doesn't stop you from getting the information you need!


Joeseph H.

"I used other gold addons in the past but none of them are as easy to use as Trove. Trove is specifically designed to make the whole process of playing the Auction House effortless."

Alitha W.

"I was totally broke when I first started playing Classic. I started with only 5 gold and decided to use Trove to play the auction house. I turned 5 gold into enough to pay for my level 40 mount plus I was able to buy all the gear upgrades I wanted while I was leveling to 60. I did all this by just playing the Auction House a little bit every time I went back to town. Highly recommended!"


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Why Does it Cost Money?

Trove is a bit different than free addons. It's larger in scale and complexity and requires designers, programmers, and content creators to make. The fee really helps support the addon. Creating and updating Trove could never be possible without it.

Will your addon get me banned?

Our addon is not a hack, cheat, or anything that harms gameplay for you or other players. We'll never purposely make anything that negatively impacts this game. It’s simply valuable information to help you make the most out of your time and even give you a new exciting way to make gold in the game. Blizzard Forum Blue Posts have publicly said that they are fine with addons of this nature.

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