Impulse Quick Guide

  1. Load up Impulse by clicking the Dynasty Icon (Mana Flask) on your minimap ring. Then select the Impulse Icon.
  2. First make a backup of your current action bars by hitting the "Save" button and giving it a name. (This is also how you create your own custom sets)
  3. Next, select your Class. It should automatically be selected.
  4. You should see premade sets for different situations (Raiding, Leveling, etc). Select one and hit the Load button.
  5. Your spellswill be arranged on your action bars and given optimized Keybinds.
  6. Macros will also be added to your Library.

Macros Not Showing Up?
This is usually because you already have the maximum amount of macros and the addon can't add anymore. Try deleting some and trying again.

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