Frost Mage BFA Raiding Guide

Best Mage Raiding Spec: Frost
Difficulty Rating: Easy

Frost Mage Raiding Build

1 Target Priority (Order of DPS/Importance):
Rune of Power
Ray of Frost
Frozen Orb
Flurry (with Brain Freeze proc)
Ice Lance (with Fingers of Frost proc)
Ice Lance (with 5 Icicles)

– Use Frostbolt 5 times, until you stack up 5 Icicles, then use Ice Lance to unleash the Icicles.
– Flurry is only used with a Brain Freeze proc. It also gives you 1 Icicle, so  you could use Frostbolt 4 times, then use Flurry for 5.
– For a second after using Flurry, Winter’s Chill is applied to your target, giving you enough time to cast 1 Ice Lance at triple damage. Always follow up Flurry with 1 Ice Lance.
– Ray of Frost is your biggest damaging spell. Good to maximize the damage by using with Rune of Power.
– Icy Veins’ duration is enhanced by 1 second for every Ice Lance used. That makes Frozen Orb a good choice to use after Icy Veins, because that will give you several Fingers of Frost procs and Ice Lances. Icy Veins > Rune of Power > Frozen Orb is a great combination.
– Keep in mind, you don’t need to immediately use Fingers of Frost procs on Ice Lance. They stack up and last for 14 seconds so there is no immediate rush. Sometimes you notice Rune of Power is about to come off cooldown soon, so you want to save up your Fingers of Frost procs for when Rune of Power is available. There are only 2 times when you have pressure to use Ice Lance right away: When you already have 5 Icicles saved up, and when Winter’s Chill is on the target for 1 second after Flurry.

Power Combination #1:
Icy Veins
Rune of Power
Frozen Orb
Ice Lance
Frostbolt (filler)

Power Combination #2:
Rune of Power
Ray of Frost

Power Combination #3:
Rune of Power
Flurry (with Brain Freeze proc)
Ice Lance (with as many icicles as possible)

2+ Target Rotation:
Frostbolt x5
Ice Lance

– The rotation stays the same except you’re casting Blizzard first and then continuing your normal rotation while Blizzard is active.
– Rune of Power also becomes increasingly more powerful.

Stat Priority:
Intellect > Critical Strike (Up to 33.34%) > Haste > Versatility > Mastery


Does Rune of Power increase Blizzard damage?
– Yes it increases Blizzard damage.