Frost Death Knight BFA Raiding Guide

Best Death Knight Raiding Spec: Frost
Difficulty Rating: Normal

Frost Death Knight Raiding Build

1-3 Target Priority (Order of DPS/Importance):
Howling Blast (with Rime proc)
Remorseless Winter
Frost Strike

– Howling Blast does damage and applies Frost Fever. This is your highest damage spell, and it gives a chance to grant 5 runic power upon damage. Only use this with the Rime proc. Rime procs so often Frost Fever will never fade off the target.
– Remorseless Winter benefits from the talent, Gathering Storm, which increases it’s damage by 10%, and extends it’s duration by 0.5 sec for each rune spent during it’s duration. While Remorseless Winter is active, you’ll want to use your Empower Rune Weapon, and Horn of Winter, to give yourself as many runes as possible to keep Remorseless Winter alive.
– Obliterate is what you’ll mainly use your runes on after using Howling Blast and Remorseless Winter.
– Frost Strike is what you’ll dump your runic power on. Try not to let your runic power go to waste by going over 100.

4+ Target Priority:
Remorseless Winter
Howling Blast
Obliterate (with Killing Machine proc)
Frost Strike (Runic Power dump)

– Remorseless Winter now does the most damage.
– Howling Blast now does more damage than Obliterate even without the Rime proc
– Obliterate is only used when Killing Machine procs.
– Frost Strike when you run out of runes

Stat Priority:
Haste > Critical Strike > Mastery > Versatility