Destruction Warlock BFA Raiding Guide

Best Warlock Raiding Spec: Destruction
Difficulty Rating: Easy

Destruction Warlock Raiding Build

1-2 Target Priority (Order of DPS/Importance):
Chaos Bolt

– Immolate is your 2nd highest dps spell and builds up Soul Shards. Keep this up at all times.
– Conflagrate gives you 2 stacks of Backdraft, which increases cast times on Chaos Bolt and Incinerate by 30%, for 10 seconds. You could use Conflagrate twice, and get 4 stacks of Backdraft, but you need to use them before 10 seconds. It’s easier to just use Conflagrate > Chaos Bolt/Incinerate > Chaos Bolt/Incinerate > Conflagrate > Chaos Bolt/Incinerate > Chaos Bolt/Incinerate.
– Incinerate is the main spell you’ll be spamming to build up Shards when everything else is on cooldown.
– Chaos Bolt is your highest dps spell but 3rd on the priority list because if you had to choose between refreshing Immolate or using Chaos Bolt, you would refresh Immolate. You should also use Conflagrate before casing Chaos Bolt. Chaos Bolt is not urgent. The Soul Shards are not going anywhere and Chaos Bolt doesn’t have a cooldown.
– ‘Dark Soul: Instability’ is your buff cooldown, increasing your critical strike by 30% for 20 seconds. Use this right at the beginning of a fight when all your spells are ready to use, or save up Soul Shards and spam Conflagrate > Chaos Bolt > Chaos Bolt > Conflagrate > Chaos Bolt > Chaos Bolt.

3+ Target Priority:
Rain of Fire

– Remove Immolate from the rotation and just spam Incinerate to get soul shards, and use the soul shards on Rain of Fire. Incinerate will do 40% damage to all enemies around your target, and will give you a Soul Shard Fragment for each enemy hit.
– Continue using Conflagrate so you can get the 30% cast time reduction on Incinerate.
– Summon Infernal also does great AoE. Use it when available.
– The 30% critical strike increase from your buff cooldown, Dark Soul: Instability, does apply to Rain of Fire and Incinerate. However, it does not work on your Infernal.

Stat Priority:
Intellect > Critical Strike = Haste > Versatility > Mastery