Why Dynasty?

For the past 10 years, Dynasty has been the inventor of every major selling product in the World of Warcraft marketplace. The Step-by-Step leveling addon, the gold addon and the keybinding and macro addon has been the foundation of this multi million dollar market.

The WoW market requires new addons to be created yearly to get the players craving the latest and greatest. It's key for keeping the market rejuvenated.

However, other companies have begun copying our ideas while contributing nothing towards innovation themselves. As a result, the WoW marketplace is drying up.

Please support the true innovators capable of creating new products that keep this market thriving. The dream of making several hundred dollar days is not over. WoW has the same amount of subscribers now as they did several years ago.

  • Quality Products

    We pride ourselves on creating quality addons that solve specific needs and pain points in the WoW community. Dynasty hires professional programmers, artists, and content creators to ensure our customers get the very best.

  • Lifetime Cookies

    Send traffic to us once and get credit for everything they buy — forever! Our Lifetime Cookies ensure your hoplink remains on every page so even if your traffic doesn’t buy the first time, you get the commission when they do.

  • $90 Avg Sale

    As the highest Gravity company in the gaming niche of Clickbank’s Marketplace, we offer you MORE than the competition. 75% commission, huge upsells, email marketing, monthly sales and more ensure you always have an income stream.

Custom Hoplinks

Clickbank created their own custom hoplink generator where you can choose what page you want your traffic sent to.  Find us in the Clickbank Marketplace and click [PROMOTE], then select the product you would like to promote!

Our old hoplink redirect system will remain up for older affiliates still using that system but we recommend all new affiliates use Clickbank's system instead.


Tycoon/Trove - Gold Addon

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Impulse - Instant Pro-Level Keybinds & Macros

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Booster - 1-110 Speed Leveling Guide

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